Apr 29, 2013


The Beautygloss party 2013 was amazing! The party was on saturday April 27th, hosted by the beauty blogger Mascha, she looked stunning! her blog is very big here in Holland (click the link to check out her blog!) 
So first things first, my three friends and i went to Rotterdam centraal - to get some delicious coffee at starbucks - and ofcourse, to get the train to Amsterdam (where the beautygloss party was held. Once we had arrived in Amsterdam we went to see if there was already a line, and there was, so we decided to join the rest of the other girls. All the girls were all dolled up, wearing heels, fancy dresses, etc. The dress code was "Happy girls are the prettiest" by Audrey Hepburn. I wore a pearl necklace, pearl earrings, black, lace peplum shirt, black skinnies and black wedges. I totally forgot to take an ootd that day, but i do have some pictures with the dutch delebs where you can see what i wore. 
The party itself was held in a big building called 'Beurs van Berlage'. There were pink ballons, a big stage, make up, hair and nail counters, a little wax bar, etc. One of the first things we did, when we got in was buying a glossybox. They were only €7,50,  instead of €14,95. After that we looked around bought some make up, watched Mascha and others presenting all sorts of stuff and giving make up and hair tips on stage,  ate Ben & Jerry's, etc. We even got to take pictures and meet some famous Dutch people. 
At the end of the party, everyone got a goodiebag, filled with products, magazines, etc. (the products were in this huge Douglas bag). Something that i found kind of funny: in every goodiebag there was a bracelet with a quote, what was mine?! "Fashions fade, style is eternal" - YSL.  The same quote that's on my blog under the FGW logo! 
I thought this was sooo funny and a weird coincidence, that out of all the quotes, i got that one!

 I've bought such a pretty sleek blush, so you can expect a review later this week. I also purchased two lovely nail polishes and a glossybox - which i had already mentioned). 

Overall, it was such a fun day, my friends and i had a blast. We will definitely be going again next year!


 The goodiebag

 The Coca Cola keychain that i had forgot to put with the other products.

 The products in my glossybox - i did end up seeing that some products were missing.. but oh well, at least i didn't pay the full price for it.

 Nail polishes i've bought at the bg party!

My new love! Stay tuned for a review later this week.
With Mascha and her boyfriend Gregor

With Tom Sebastian, Mark van Eeuwen - isn't he handsome?! - Cynthia Schultz (also a beauty & lifestyle blogger) and the catwalk queen Mariana Verkerk! 

We also went to buy a lipstick at mac for my friend. When we went outside we saw Mariana! My first reaction: "OMG.. that's Mariana Verkerk!" "Yes, that's me!" she replied. she was so sweet, i really admire her work and what she has achieved. Ever since Holland's next top model started i would always watch and see her judge and give the models catwalk lessons, etc.
All the people we met were SO sweet and down to earth.

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