Oct 20, 2013


Hey gals! 
So this is my OOTD from a couple of days ago. Since it's getting colder here in Holland, you obviously have to dress a little warmer than usual. I love this sweather, i bought it at H&M a couple of weeks ago. 

It's so comfy and it does the job of keeping me warm! To complete the outfit i wore some simple black skinny jeans, a golden necklace (i bought it at Primark, i think they still sell them right now, but i'm not quite sure since i haven't been there for a while) and my black chelsea boots, which are my favorite boots at the moment. 

I'm actually kind of excited about fall (except for the rain.. that just sucks, haha!) but think of the colorful autumn leaves, the coziness, warm sweathers, caramel apples (yum!) and so much more! 

»« Black & White Patterned Sweather - H&M (€24,95) »«

(Images: all mine)
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